Wednesday, June 6, 2007

State need to be Address


Today I sit before you a troubled American with a shifty heart. Today is a confrontational day. It is a day for the last chance of conformity. This list please…..

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The war in iraq

Opposed to the war, like all Great War minds…..create the war and they will follow……bring in the money……... Stop playing…..


Make health care an educational requirement first 2 years of High School
It will ensure caretakers for yall baby boomers……

??? what ever……..just make sure my money is in the bank…

Federal, Reserve
Where is the gold?……that’s it I am fed-up …...redo the banking system

Social Security
It went into the banking system and never came back


Stop lying to people saying you helping there local educational system when
Local taxes are……..


Pro-life with the option for……pending individual choice

Aint no love b/c I wasn’t put on this earth to sit and work 40% of my days

Non-Documented Workers
My brown brothers yall be careful they might treat yall like the Indians… know they were not documented also……

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

.......Patient Thought Process.......

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American culture is the basis of manipulation and exploitation of entities and cultures. Negative connotations are associated with the words, but not the full meaning. i.e. Yin and Yang. This is where the foundation for capitalism lay. South American culture is not associated with American Culture due to the Spanish influence or Latino descent. I want to dedicate this day in time in moment non-Gregorian to the teachings and thought process of the original Americans who are native to the lands. In turn, their survival techniques surpassed the proposed extinction and legal genocide.

Let us not forget the peace pipe in which we all get our……………....Peace.....


Wednesday, January 10, 2007


One direction is multiple in an instance for which directs unknown possible actions. Direction is the information contained in the relative position of one point with respect to another point without the distance information.
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Yall know the words......................(horns)
"Say it Loud".....(horns)...... "I'm Black and I'm Proud".......(horns)...and repeat....

any who...

This is the definitive of direction in the unconscious with inaccrucy for the truth of true direction not as to a point but end resulting in a multiple instance. One must teach thorough meaning, if it is to be substantial in thought for progression. Though direction is a conditioned state of subdued character under conditions of irregular social means. Direction is consistent with the unconscious normalities for survival.

Monday, December 18, 2006

A.K.A. Twisted Metal

Metamorphosis is a daily process for survival whether it is in the form of a thought or action. Change is the stress involved with the metamorphosis within a changing state. If the changing state is managed carefully the changes will occur in manageable stressed condition.

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(e.g. Spawn..............Evil is Good.........)

Manageable stress is the stresses under predetermine means from accessibility of the Metamorphosis. Accessibility is the critical thought process of the Metamorphosis. Critical thought process is “a process of reflecting upon the meaning of statements, examining the offered evidence and reasoning, and forming judgments about the facts.”

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


I find it sad that our music influences our daily attributes, morality, and character of individuals in the world we live in as Pop Culture. It is in the numbers when comes to success, who, what, when, where, and how. It will be only a certain percentage of individuals that will gain wealth. Riches will not last, well for those who don’t budget. Fast money equation: if you gross 30stacks a week that will be 1,560,000 in a year. That means you BALLIN’.

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Ok, now we want the Range or 64 Impala (gotta keep it gangsta).

Now you got your fly ride.((why do we buy cars first?) Now you still want to increase that 30stacks to a larger number because this money looks too good. This is where the equation should STOP.(Greed) You made your money on the game, now your thought process should have graduated to a broader vision of how to turn riches into wealth. Sad to say this is a blog thought and not a reality because my community would not be where it is if this was a thorough action. But once again it goes back to numbers. And for those of us not in the game all we can do is keep it consistent with growth.
ensj4sho........its on.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Why do we discuss Nuclear Weapons?

The insane philosophy that in order to keep peace there must be a massive power resource enabled to destroy millions, maintain and micro-manage mankind’s behavior.

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So if we didn’t have nuclear power, we would go back to Keltic Raids, or Persian Rule. Oh my bad what the hell was I thinking……………we live in a westernized world……………we better make that Roman…What would we (the people of the world) rather have in place to substitute in the psych for this Nuke for God. Or God for Nuke…nall that is to simple………Humans are not that simple in thought…………..We have talked centuries of doomsday………..Ok we live to die but on your journey thru this life you chose to create and instead of resolve………..add to instead decrease……….become a major infestation instead of to unify with nature………

No monologue ENSJ – 4sho……….it’s on gone….

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A Fred Moment....

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I am a strong advocate for education and self. As of lately I've been extreme on education and the aspirations to learn. If you don't wouldn't be on my blog reading.....I dedicate the on-going learning of knowledge and wisdom to Frederck Douglass. A man that did not know his birthday but, acheived insurmontable goals that was not available for a blackman from slavery to political consultant at that time............It's on...gone.....

Monday, November 13, 2006

Venture Capitalists vs. Hustler


Popular demand has requested that hustling come to the forefront. Earning a degree in a specified field is not in the best interest of some of the leading corporations. Well at least it would be nice if they didn’t require a degree or some sort of substantial accreditation, then there would be no structure or outlines for our individual effort and social ideologies of life and this thought gesture all together. Thus, I am a hustler looking to flip the money off of these bootleg DVD sales, and these 2 elbows. I can flip into a new online Natural Black Healthcare Product Line targeting the South American Region and then open some legitimate accounts. But hey, this is how our forefather got there’s. And they get mad because “I mma bust my gunz to get it.”

Venture Capitalists -money used for investment in projects that involve a high risk but offer the possibility of large profits.
Also called risk capital


Aggressive person-a person who works aggressively and consistently, especially to advance his or her career, petty criminal-criminology a small-time operator who engages in illegal activities, for example, petty theft or illegal gambling